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Monday, December 13, 2010

Have to Brag a Bit....

Obviously I am biased, but take a peek at what a cutie my little neice Kailey is. She'll be exactly 6 mos. on December 27th. Just love how happy she is in this picture with Santa!! Happy Holidays...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paul, Make a Wish!!

A birthday cupcake at Salut!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Best Husband a Girl Could Ask For!

Just returned home from a lovely dinner with my hubby for his birthday! Due to my travel we don't always get to spend our actual birthdays together, but tonight we had a great evening walking to dinner at one of the great restaurants in our new 'hood! Today's fantastic weather was an extra birthday treat!! Now we just need to decide where we are going to go for a short birthday celebratory Fall trip before we get into full blown holiday madness....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Winery Fun

A couple of weekends ago Paul and I traveled to New Ulm for a winery and bed and breakfast weekend with our friends Leslie and David. We had AWESOME weather on Saturday and decent weather on Sunday despite horrible predictions for sleeting rain!

We started out at the Morgan Creek Vinyards which was very cute! We did a tasting and ate some yummy appetizers in the sun and then by the huge fire pit before moving on. After a quick check-in and clothes change at the Bingham Hall Bed and Breakfast we ventured out to dinner at the local German restaurant, Kaiserhoff, for some German fare (well, I must confess I ordered fried shrimp while everyone else had German fare, but it was good nonetheless).

We also got to see the end of a fantastic Mizzou Tiger win as well at a sports bar near the Kaiserhoff. It was a full day of fun!

On Sunday we visited a couple of local "attractions," stopped by the Schell Brewery gift shop for some goodies, had lunch at a "wild west" style restaurant in Jordan, MN and stopped to pick up fresh apples and other assorted goodies before heading back to the Twin Cities!

A perfect fall getaway!

Bad Blogger!

Ok, so I must confess... I have been the worst blogger over the past few months. Between our move that seems to be never ending, projects on our new home, trying desperately to try to regain some level of physical fitness, work and general life "stuff" I can't seem to get much posted. However, I am renewing my commitment to blog! Hopefully you'll be hearing from me more regularly going forward! ;-) Cheers! Becky

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Congratulations Dani and Josh - Welcome Mallory Ann Boehm

Ok, so the 2010 baby fest in my family is fully underway!! My cousin Dani gave birth to a healthy, darling baby girl this week, so now my new niece Kailey will have a playmate. Just a couple more weeks until another cousin, Emily, has her second baby, so Christmas will be tons of fun with three babies and Bella (Emily's toddler) crawling around!

To add to the intrigue are guesses about whether Emily will have a girl or a boy. On my mom's side of the family there are four daughters (including my mom) and a son. They produced 8 girl grandchildren altogether. My sister and 4 other cousins that have children already have produced 9 grandchildren with 7 girls and only 2 boys. Looks like the girls rule by a landslide so far!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing Kailey Reese Robb - 5 lbs 4.8 oz

I am so excited that my sister Katie's baby girl, Kailey Reese, arrived while I was home for her baby shower on June 27th! We had joked for weeks that having a shower so close to the delivery date (1 week before due date) was a bit risky and that if my sister went into labor we would just celebrate without her... but we never really thought it would actually happen. But, it did! Congratulations to Katie and George, she is just perfect. Good things do come in small packages!! More pics to come...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fab Weekend in Philly with Dear Friends

You know you are getting old when you can say you've been friends with someone for over 25 years... but on the bright side, it is an absolutely wonderful feeling to have such dear life-long friends that you are still in touch with and enjoy spending time with. So, in celebration of wonderful friendships several of my good friends (Swati, Mariam, Holly and Kate who lives only 30 minutes from Swati coincidentally) from Junior High/High School got together with our spouses in Philadelphia May 14-16 with the hope of making it an annual tradition! For the first annual, Swati and Claudio hosted us all at their lovely home in Gladwyne, PA. They definitely set the bar very high for the rest of us with all of the great food and spacious accommodations!!! We had an absolutely amazing meal Friday night and an equally amazing birthday cake dessert to celebrate Mariam's birthday (May 13th). Saturday the boys checked out a pub and the historic area of Philly while the ladies had a trip to the spa for pedicures, a wonderful lunch at a French Bistro Cafe and did some window shopping. Saturday night we went to a fab Asian fusion restaurant "Nectar." The weather was amazing too and we can't wait until next year! Rumor has it we may be going to Berkeley, CA to Holly and John's and maybe even a little trip to the wine country???

A Little Bit About Me.

In an effort to stay better connected with friends and family near and far I have decided to begin this blog to share the happenings and highlights which make up the days of our lives...I hope you enjoy!